About Us

We Have Three Current Goals

School and Co-op Development

The School has been running now for four years. We have also established the Goat Self-Sustaining Co-Op program

Expanding the current construction on the lot will allow us to provide education to more students.

Build Middle School/High School

With this being our second goal, we would like to offer free education not only to the primary students but also to the secondary and high school students in the area.

Due to the families not able to provide for their children financially, some never have the opportunity to attend school, and gain education at a higher level. Your contribution will aid us to provide a school to the kids in the town.

Build Vocational Center

The curriculum at the school will allow the students to work towards their career in Haiti. This will help them reach further and look towards a greater future.

The students will be able to help their community, bring life back to it with their accomplishments.